Due to COVID-19 the NHMUG Meeting for March with Donna Westmoreland has been canceled. We will reschedule at a future date.


Donna Westmoreland Presents Change Managment on Thursday March 19th at the Backyard Brewery in Manchester NH

“In life, change is inevitable. In business, change is vital” – Warren G. Bennis

Our March meeting is centered on the idea of CHANGE and what we must do to meet the challenge of change in business.

So come and join us for our next NHMUG meeting on Thursday March 19th, 2020 at the Backyard Brewery in Manchester NH with Donna Westmoreland of Midrange Dynamics to present on Change Management. 


Session 1:

DevOps and CI/CD Pipelines in the IBM i World: We do it, our customers do it, and you can too!

Donna Westmoreland

DevOps is the force that empowers modern development teams to deal with constant change, while improving quality and reducing downtime. Implementing modern development using DevOps practices, agile development strategies, and tools on the IBM i adds significant benefits for your team and your business. 

In this session, we’ll provide a practical look at what DevOps and CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery) are and how they map to the IBM i, demystifying the concepts and cutting back the hype. You’ll walk away with a practical understanding of how you can integrate with, or drive, your digital transformation using DevOps in your own environment.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss DevOps practices, frameworks, and tools in the context of IBM i application modernization
  2. Discuss how the IBM i fits into the overall IT CI/CD pipeline.
  3. Understand what open source tools will, and will not, deliver for DevOps on IBM i
  4. Dramatically reduce production downtime and shorten timelines


Session 2:

Modernization – Yes! Now How Do I Get Started?

You know what needs to happen; let’s talk about how to make it happen. Successful modernization involves leveraging your development team’s business knowledge to accomplish your modernization goals and keep the IBM i front and center in your IT infrastructure.

In this session, you will learn how to harness existing business knowledge, create a plan, and arm yourself with the right tools. We’ll discuss various strategies to fit your business needs, plus staffing, education, training, development strategies, and implementation considerations. You’ll leave with a better understanding of the steps you need to take to tackle a range of modernization projects effectively and how to present a strong plan to your business stakeholders.

Learning Objectives:

1) How to structure your modernization projects
2) How to evaluate best in class tools to aid in modernization
3) Understand the perception of success and exceeding expectations

4) See the simplicity and power of digital transformation with REST using RPG on IBM i

Session 3:
Change Management Tool Demo

Donna will demo a tool currently being used for change management by customers of Midrange Dynamics.



Donna is the CTO for Midrange Dynamics North America.

Experience gained from leading major projects, including application modernization at hundreds of corporations has given Donna a well-rounded view of development needs, audit requirements, and testing principles.