NHMUG Welcomed Jesse Gorzinksi on Thursday January 16th at the Backyard Brewery in Manchester NH

IBM has embraced the Open Source community and now we have access to any number of tools for the IBM i.  Come listen to one of the primary drivers at IBM in the Open Source realm as he speaks on a broad range of topics from the use of Node.js and Python to tools available for Machine Learning and finally the future of Open Source on the IBM i.

 What better way to engage a younger generation of developers than by showing them all that the IBM i has to offer in the Open Source arena.



Why Node.js

Jesse Gorzinski

Surely you've heard about Node.js. It's one of the fastest growing runtimes. But why? Come gain an understanding of this unique runtime, its several benefits, and the work IBM is doing in the community to provide best-practices and ready-to-use artifacts. Node.js is being used by enterprises to quickly deliver differentiating solutions, and it is fully ready to power key pieces of your enterprise as well!


Getting Started with Machine Learning

The emerging realm of AI and Machine Learning can bring seemingly-limitless opportunity for your enterprise (and perhaps even mankind). How can you leverage these new technologies from IBM i?

This session will provide an overview of what technologies you can be using from your IBM i today. We will cover various AI/ML packages available to run on the system, as well as the cloud-based capability of IBM Watson. After all, IBM i has always been a data-centric platform. Surely, Db2 for i houses mission-critical and intensely valuable data. Coupling AI and ML with this data can bring an unprecedented amount of innovation.

Python and IBM i

Python can do many, many things, but can you use Db2 on IBM i? Of course! RPG? Definitely! In this talk, get an introduction to some of the connectivity libraries that can be used to integrate with IBM i, while also exploring some common pitfalls and solutions for them.

The Future of Open Source on IBM i

The world of open source is fast-moving and exciting, with innovation happening at mind-numbing speeds! Come to this session for some updates on the latest or coolest stuff that's available at your fingertips, as well as some predictions about what may be coming in the future. Certainly, exciting times lie ahead!



Jesse Gorzinski works for the IBM i development lab in Rochester, MN.

He is the Business Architect of open source technologies.

Jesse, who was doing RPG programming at the age of 18, is an expert on application development on IBM i, as well as system access and modernization.

His hobbies include playing with his dog, replacing complex applications with 5-line Python programs, and advocating for the use of new technologies on IBM i!

Prior to his 2006 employment at IBM, Jesse worked with the AS/400 as an I/T administrator for an IBM customer in the finance/mortgage industry, where he specialized in data backup/recovery, process optimization, and information integrity.

 He has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science as well as a Master of Business Administration degree