NHMUG hosted the first sessions of the 2019/2020 season on Thursday September 26th at the Backyard Brewery in Manchester NH 

Extract, Transform and Load your data with Kyle Rainville (@ 2 hours)


Join Kyle Rainville as he discusses the ETL, (Extract, Transform and Load), process. He will share some available tools and if like a lot of businesses on a low budget how you can do the same thing with DDM files and views in order to segregate your reporting data from your production data. Lastly he’ll discuss how to consume that data using tools like Neo4J and PHP.

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Supporting BI and Reporting projects in Db2 with Rick Flagler (@ 2 hours)

RickFlaglerRick Flagler will review Db2 capabilities that we have to massage data, create reports and support BI. He’ll look at various Db2/SQL techniques, with advantages of each and with an eye to performance impacts. On the BI front, a consideration of many vendors out there with a focus on IBM’s Db2 Web Query for i as a presentation layer. Some differentiating the Express and Standard offerings may be covered.

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BI Round Table with Dawn May (@ 1 hour)


Dawn May will be leading a round table discussion on how members are currently using BI and what were the obstacles, opportunities and requirements. Bring your ideas and questions!


Kyle Rainville graduated from Plymouth State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology as Magna Cum Laude in December of 2016. Kyle started working at Littleton Coin Company as a Programmer & Network Analyst in June of 2016. Kyle is passionate about open-source technology and Linux and learning.

Rick Flagler is a consultant, trainer and mentor, focusing on DB2 performance, business metric development and DB2 Web Query. Rick has held IT management positions with The Timken Company and MPB Corporation, leading software development and installing ERP systems from SAP, Oracle and INFOR. Starting with the System/38, Rick is a long-time and enthusiastic supporter of IBM i on the POWER platform. Rick guided MPB Corporation through their Y2K project, achieving on-time/under budget success. He's an experienced project manager, skilled in database management and user interface design. He specializes in transforming data to knowledge using business metrics and database tools. He is president/owner of Rick Flagler IT Consulting.

Dawn May is a leading authority on IBM i performance management, work management, systems management, and general system diagnostics. She has in-depth knowledge of the IBM i operating system developed through her distinguished career with IBM. A former IBMer, Dawn is now an independent consultant, assisting companies with system performance reviews and recommendations. She also teaches clients on the latest IBM i tools to enable them to get the most out of their IBM i systems. Dawn is the author of the "i Can" blog published by IBM Systems Magazine and a frequent speaker at local user group meetings and IBM i conferences around the world.

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