On Thursday November 29, 2018 Rob Bestgen discusses the world of SQL and Db2

SQL Writing Tips and Techniques

SQL is a very powerful language for processing data. There are many ways to write SQL statements to get the desired results. However, not all queries are created equal. This session will compare different ways to approach a problem from an SQL perspective. Whether it is writing queries or creating stored procedures, taking the right approach for writing SQL helps the database help you.

Handout: SQL Writing Tips and TechniquesRobBestgen

Satisfy 'the Business' with DB2 Web Query

Db2 Web Query for i is a well-known, though likely underutilized, product in the IBM i world. Web Query provides many ways to consolidate and visualize information from data. This session delves into several ways to combine the power of Web Query with Db2 for i to improve your reporting and analytics experience. Wow the business people and empower them to do more themselves. The session will also review how to acquire, download and install the product using the ez-install capability to be up and running quickly (in trial mode.) There are even built in reports to get you started.

Handout: Satisfy the Business using DB2 Web Query

Accessing Data Outside of DB2 for i

There's a world of data out there that can improve and integrate with your own business data. Come to this session to see how the Web and other databases can be available to you via Db2 for i and SQL.

Handout: Accessing Data Outside Of DB2 for i

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Transactional vs analytical SQL

SQL performance got you down? SQL statements looking like spaghetti? Proper database design for the intended usage is important for long term success and good performance. There is a difference between transactional and analytical processing and it is useful to understand the difference. What should an appropriate data model look like? What are the red flags that your data model is not best for your usage? This session will discuss these topics along with strategies for handling cases when analytical processing is required against your transactional data. Additional topics touched on include: - real time vs. ETL transformations - using dimension tables for dates, VINs, customer names and zip codes - Operational Data stores – and Dimensional Data Models.

Handout: Transactional vs Analytical


DataBase Security. Or Leave it to the Hackers

Data has value and it is a critical asset to a business. When a business is "hacked", it means data is stolen or destroyed and the company's reputation is tainted, possibly permanently. Plus, with new compliance laws, there can be legal consequences for not properly securing and managing data. Worse, if you have access to the data, you become a suspect! This session discusses the importance of data, distinguishes different types of data, identifies the many ways data can be breached, and what to do to protect your data. Topics covered include: Personal Information, Security administrative roles, Object level Security, row and column access control, PowerSC, and more.

Handout: Database Security - Or Leave it to the Hackers


IBM i Trivia - the meeting will conclude with “IBM i Trivia Jeopardy”. There will be a few answers to question. A small prize will be awarded to those who correctly question the answer.


Rob Bestgen is an IBM Db2 for i architect and consultant. In his 30+ years at IBM, Rob has held a variety of roles including: database developer, database architect, Business Architect, chief architect of the Db2 for i SQL Query Engine (SQE), and product development manager of various products. Rob is currently a proud member of the Db2 for i Lab Services team, helping customers utilize the amazing capabilities of Db2 for i, IBM i, and Db2 Web Query for i. Rob is also the product development manager for Db2 Web Query for i, the popular IBM i product for query reporting and analytics. Besides working directly with customers, he is also a frequent presenter at user conferences.

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