Dawn May presented to NHMUG on Thursday September 20, 2018

(With assistance from NHMUG board members)

Meeting Overview

Join the NHMUG meeting on September 20, 2018 that will start with an IBM i 30th birthday review. The rest of the day will be spent reviewing the highlights of IBM i Access Client Solutions and Navigator for i. More details on each of the sessions of the day is below.

IBM i 30th Review and UpdateDawnMay

2018 is the 30th birthday of IBM i. This year, IBM rolled out a set of client success stories to celebrate. This session will review the 30th birthday celebration and showcase some of the customer stories on how companies are using the IBM i in creative and modern ways. There are many companies that use IBM i and this 30th celebration will show how “IBM i is everywhere”.

IBM i Access Client Solutions, Part 1

IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS) has become the IBM i administrative client, offering a full set of functions from 5250 terminal sessions, printer output, IFS, database and more. This session will review some of the key features that everyone needs to be aware of and using today.

Highlights will include:

  • Deployment - https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/ibmi/library/i-ibmi-access-client-solutions-2/index.html
  • Secure (SSL) connections
  • Environmental requirements, including which ports, services, and servers are required.
  • Latest ACS Features - mostly Db2, but IFS updates and some Print updates
  • Visual explain and Index Advisor
  • Overview of Run SQL Scrips and IBM i Services
  • Insert from examples
  • How to save your own examples
  • ACS and LAN Console
  • ACS and Open Source

If you plan to attend VTMUG on September 27th, Paul Tuohy is doing an ACS for Programmers session there.

Q&A, General Discussion, NHMUG Meeting Topics

The last 15 minutes of the lunch hour will be for meeting attendees to provide input or ask questions.

What would you like to have on future meeting agendas? Are there any specific speakers would you like to see invited to the meeting? Any IBM i or Power Systems questions are welcome. If you would like to ask your question anonymously, feel free to send it to a board member prior to the meeting.

IBM i Access Client Solutions, Part 2

ACS topics listed above will continue after lunch.

Navigator for i

  • Application Administration
  • Set Target System
  • Favorites
  • Lastest Enhancements
  • Environmental considerations for Navigator
  • General review of Navigator
    • Work management and subsystems
    • Performance tasks - Dashboard, System Monitors, Batch Model Graph History
    • IFS
    • PTFs - compare and update This session will conclude with a review of ACS and Navigator features vs the features of IBM i Client Access and System i Navigator will be provided, noting specifically where there are gaps.


IBM i Trivia - the meeting will conclude with “IBM i Trivia Jeopardy”. There will be a few answers to question. A small prize will be awarded to those who correctly question the answer.


Dawn May is a leading authority on IBM i performance management, work management, systems management, and general system diagnostics. She has in-depth knowledge of the IBM i operating system developed through her distinguished career with IBM.

A former IBMer, Dawn is now an independent consultant, assisting companies with system performance reviews and recommendations. She also teaches clients on the latest IBM i tools to enable them to get the most out of their IBM i systems.

Dawn is the author of the "i Can" blog published by IBM Systems Magazine and a frequent speaker at local user group meetings and IBM i conferences around the world.

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