30th Annual New Hampshire / Vermont IBM i User Group Meeting

Thursday, June 14, 2018 - Fireside Inn, West Lebanon NH

This event was free to IBM i professionals, and sponsored by NHMUG and VTMUG


IBM Announcements - Steve Fier, IBMSteve Fier

Steve will talk about the new POWER 9 systems. 

The presentation will also provide an overview of IBM i 7.2 TR8 and 7.3 TR4

Handout: IBMi and P9.pdf

About Steve

Steve Fier has been with IBM over 30 years, initially starting as a systems engineer, and then becoming a senior marketing specialist. His current role is POWER Platform Leader for the Northeast, responsible for former System i and System p products. Steve's areas of expertise include application development, DB2 for i, Windows Integration and Server Consolidation.

Stupid Python Tricks - Kevin Adler, IBM 

Python has many tools built in and many tools just a web request away. Learn how these tools can save you time and money. See examples parsing CSV files, sending emails, building Excel xlsx files, modifying images, building websites, and more!

Handout: stupid python tricks.pdf

Kevin Adler

Introduction to Yum - Kevin Adler

There's been many ways to install open source on IBM i in recent times: AIX rpms from various websites including Perzl.org, 5733-OPS and 5733-SC1 products from IBM, compiling them yourself, and even PowerRuby and ZendServer products. Now there's a delicious new way to get open source on IBM i: YUM. Yum makes it easy to install and manage your PASE-related open source software like Python and Node.js. Learn how to use yum and why you'll never want to deal with other ways of installing your open source software ever again.

Handout: yum.pdf

About Kevin

Kevin Adler works at IBM, attempting to bring as much Linux and open source awesomeness to the IBM i platform. He has a wide range of knowledge on various computing subjects. He enjoys learning languages (both computer and natural) - currently he's learning Rust and French. If you want to know the ins and outs of Unicode, endian conversion, using pointers in CL, building an antenna, calling between ILE and PASE, bash scripting, git rebasing, playing Magic the Gathering, or how to exit vi... he's your guy.

If you want help fixing your Windows system, he will graciously provide you with a Linux install disk.

Neo4j - Kyle Rainville, Littleton Coin 

Neo4j is an ACID-compliant graph database management system and is currently the most popular graph database. Neo4j’s purpose is not to replace traditional RDBMS’s, but rather to serve different, more specific use cases. In the rapid state of technology today, many companies are finding more uses for highly interconnected data and Neo4j was created to serve these needs. In this presentation, Neo4j, its query language, and its uses/advantages will be introduced.

Handout: Neo4j.pdf

JSON - Kyle Rainville

JSON is a data interchange format language that has very quickly overtaken XML as a way to communicate between languages and platforms. But what makes JSON preferable to XML? In this presentation, Kyle will introduce JSON, the syntax, its advantages and intricacies, and how it is commonly used.

Handout: JSON.pdf

About Kyle

Kyle Rainville graduated from Plymouth State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology as Magna Cum Laude in December of 2016. Kyle started working at Littleton Coin Company as a Programmer & Network Analyst in June of 2016 and has started learning RPG and the IBM i platform. Kyle is passionate about open-source technology and Linux and is currently pursuing the Red Hat Certified System Administrator certification.

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