Mike Pavlak presented to NHMUG on Thursday December 7th!

This meeting was held at the Backyard Brewery, formerly known as The Yard Restaurant

Meeting Handouts: 

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Introduction to Python on IBM i

Come get your first look at Python and learn some of the basics! Also, learn about the product offerings that enable you to do software development with the language on the platform. Upon completing this class, you will be able to acquire, install, and use the language on IBM i, as well as extend its power using contributions from the larger open source community. We will also explore Db2 Data Access and IFS file system access as primary use cases for Python on IBM i.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Installation of Python on IBM i
  2. Multiple methods of use and access
  3. Db2 data access from Python

Business Uses for Python on IBM i

Does Python on IBM i have a practical use or is this just a solution looking for a problem? In this session we will explore the typical use cases for Python in the open source community and apply some to IBM i. In addition, specific IBM i centric use cases will be explored to give the attendee the opportunity to judge for themselves how to best leverage Python in the combined open source and IBM i space.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how Python is used in Open Source environments
  2. Explore how Python can be exploited in IBM i centric environments 
  3. See several examples of open source Python applications in action on IBM i

PHP on IBM i: Getting Started

PHP has become a significant component of the IBM i development portfolio. This session introduces the steps to get started with PHP in the typical IBM i environment. Topics include software installation, configuration, troubleshooting and basic PHP script creation. Participants will learn how to enable Db2 content quickly and easily using the world’s most popular web scripting language.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the installation process for PHP on IBM i 
  2. Learn fundamentals of a simple PHP script.
  3. Gather best resources for developing PHP skills

PHP101 for IBM i

This session provides and introduction to PHP code on IBM i. This presentation builds upon the concepts explored in the ‘Getting Started’ session. Topics include everything from Hello World through a database listing and i5 Program call. Participants include anyone looking to explore options beyond just RPG or Net.Data.


Biography - Mike Pavlak, Fresche Solutions

Mike has wide experience with IBM systems, first with the mainframe and since 1992, with midrange solutions. He spent many years developing applications in RPG, CL and PHP before joining Tripp Lite as the Develoment manager and later as the IT Director. Most recently, Mr. Pavlak was at Zend Technologies, working as a solutions consultant with their IBM i sales team before joining Fresche Solutions as an IT Strategist.

Mr. Pavlak has written extensively on IBM i solutions, notably for IBM Systems Magazine, and as technical editor for iPro Developer and System iNEWS. A noted expert on PHP, he recently participated in a lively iTalk with Paul Tuohy on the Influence of PHP on Open Source, and has contributed to blogs, podcasts and webinars at Zend and other organizations. He’s a familiar face at user groups, trade shows and industry events, leading sessions on modernization, PHP and the future of i.


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