Charles Guarino presents to NHMUG

Charles Guarino - Thursday February 21st, 2013


So you keep hearing about this great tool RDP (Rational Developer for Power Systems Software) but are somewhat intimidated by the prospect of learning it? This session is a primer on RDP basics, including new terminology, connecting to the IBM i, and getting productive with its features, with a large focus on source code editing. The rich graphical environment far exceeds what PDM and SEU can do, and you will be glad you spent the time learning how to harness its power. The more you use this tool, the more you will want to use it. This session includes a live demonstration of the tool.

From STRPDM to RDP - Awesome RSE Navigation

Of all of the perspectives in RDP, the Remote Systems Explorer perspective is where you will likely spend most of your time. It’s quite possible that you’re not using all of the available tools it offers. Not by a long shot. Attend this session and leap to the next level of application development. Here we will discuss advanced RSE concepts including using filter pools, bookmarks and tasks and using the remote scratchpad, just to name a few.

After attending this session you will possess the skills to watch your RSE productivity soar!

Raising the Bar - A Jumpstart to Using SOAP Web Services in RPG

The Internet abounds with available services using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). The process of consuming these services from your programs is a bit tricky, that is until you use one of IBM’s latest tools WSDL2RPG, which is a component of Integrated Web Services (IWS). This tool does the heavy lifting for you and sets up an entire environment with a callable RPG service program. And the best part is this V5R4 and above tool is FREE! Refuse to be intimidated! In this session we’ll work with the tool and review step-by-step the process of testing and consuming a SOAP web service and displaying its information in a working RPG display program. Learn how you can leverage this technology so your applications can explode beyond your own four walls and gain access to vast information resources on the web in real-time. Here is a great place to start your learning -

i Can Serve You - Providing Web Services From Your IBM i

Now that you’ve been consuming web services directly get ready to turn the tables and become the web service provider. Using IBM’s Integrated Web Services server for ILE you too can launch programs to access your database and provide your system’s information to external user such as web developers. We will go step by step through the process of creating a program to receive a parameter and return database values. Next we will implement this program on to the built-in web services server and demonstrate how to test and deploy it using IBM’s graphical Web Administration tool. Since the tool is wizard-driven deploying web provider side web services is a snap!


With an IT career spanning over 25 years, Charles Guarino has been an enterprise application consultant for most of them. Since 1995 he has been founder and President of Central Park Data Systems, Inc., a Long Island based IBM midrange consulting company. He has published numerous technical and strategic articles for the IT community and speaks each year at conferences and user groups across the country. He was inducted into COMMON’s Speaker Excellence Hall of Fame in 2008 and also selected as one of LISTnet's Long Island’s Twenty Top Techies for 2009.

Charles is currently a COMMON Application Development Subject Matter Expert and President and monthly Q&A host of LISUG, a Long Island IBM System i Users Group.

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