Tom McKinley presents SQL topics at NHMUG

Tom McKinley - Wednesday September 25, 2013

SQL routines - procedures, functions and triggers

While many developers know how to use SQL to query and process data, many are not aware that they can use SQL as a procedural language for programming business logic.

In this session, we will explore the capabilities of the SQL procedural language and its usage in data-centric programming with SQL procedures, functions, and triggers.

Temp tables, good or bad idea?

Even though SQL is a powerful language for processing data sets, many developers utilize temporary tables to break a complex request into multiple, smaller steps. While solving a problem with multiple steps is a valid approach, multi-step solutions involving temporary tables can negatively impact performance.

This session will illuminate these performance issues as well as demonstrate how advanced SQL features such as Views and Common Table Expressions can be used as an alternative to deliver multi-step solutions without the performance baggage.


Tom is an IBM Lab Services Consultant working on DB2 for IBM i in Rochester MN. His main focus is complex query performance associated with Business Intelligence running on Very Large Databases. He worked as a developer or performance analyst in the DB area from 1986 until 2006. Some of his Major pieces of work include the Symmetric Multiple processing capabilities of DB2 for IBM i as well as Large Object Data types. In addition he was on the original team that designed and built the SQL Query Engine. Prior to Database he worked on Licensed Internal Code for System 34 and System 36.

Tom is a frequent speaker at COMMON and IBM conferences.

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