Bryan Meyers presents Embedded SQL topics to NHMUG

Bryan Meyers presented to the NHMUG user group on Thursday November 20, 2014

Introduction to Embedded SQL

In this session we’ll introduce the basic elements behind embedding SQL statements into an RPG IV program. The session will cover the syntax requirements, and discuss when embedded SQL is appropriate. You’ll understand the differences between static and dynamic SQL statements. We’ll cover how to interact between SQL host variables and RPG variables, as well as indicator variables, host structures, and indicator structures. Regardless of what IBM i release you have installed, we’ll talk about the best way to integrated SQL statements with free format RPG code, and how embedded SQL works with RPG subprocedures and local variables.

Using Cursors and Fetch

So you think a serial cursor is someone who habitually uses foul language? And fetch only applies when you’re playing Frisbee with your dog? This session will disabuse you of those notions. We’ll discuss the differences between serial and scrollable cursors, and how to use them to have your RPG program read and update database records. There will be coding examples of fetching and inserting multiple records using SQL.

Handling Errors, Dynamic SQL

We know your code would never cause an error, but just in case something slipped past the programmer who wrote the code, it’s good to know how to catch any problems that might crop up while the program is running. This session will cover return codes, communications areas, and provide some simple error handling code that you can include in all your programs. This session will also cover in detail the differences between static SQL and dynamic SQL, and point out the advantages and restrictions of each.

SQL Tips and Tricks

The session title says it all: coding tips, style guidelines, procedures, ILE issues, tricks to make SQL and RPG play better together – this session will wrap up a number of miscellaneous useful topics that will help you get started with embedded SQL, or improve your existing code. Bring your own tips, as well, to share with the group.


Bryan Meyers is well known to IBM i technicians as the author of a number of popular books and frequent magazine articles. His programming, management and consulting career has spanned most of the IBM midrange history, from the System/360 through the AS/400, iSeries, and IBM i. For much of that time, Bryan was the IT director for an international hospitality franchisor. He has also managed computer operations for municipal government, international construction, and broadcasting media industries. Currently, Bryan offers on-site corporate training classes in IBM i technical topics, as well as online programs. Bryan’s most popular books include RPG IV Jump Start, Programming in RPG IV, and Control Language Programming for IBM i, all recognized as benchmark references in the IBM i community.

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